Like to become Kaala Rajnikanth and kill two birds in one stone?!!

A health insurance not only secures your health but also your wealth!

It is not possible to predict when you might get sick, but you will require medical care at few more instances in life. Health insurance comes handy at those critical instances to maintain your health and treat illness.

You might pay more premium than you would have claimed, but that might not be the case always. If you incur higher expenses, those too would be covered by your policy. Though you might pay part of the medical bills from your pocket, without insurance, paying the entire amount during emergencies will be very stressful. It might even be difficult to arrange for huge amounts immediately.

Imagine paying for expensive knee or hip replacement surgeries or other invasive surgeries completely out of your pocket at one go. You will be at sea without a health cover, especially after you retire. You will end up taking big chunks of money from your final savings/ investments.

It is not only difficult but also expensive to get a health insurance beyond the age of 60 or 65. So, it is best to opt for health insurance at an early age and has keep renewing it to secure your health and your wealth!

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